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CKB Sales Group- Harvest Right Freeze Dryers

In addition to product sales for your kitchen or bathroom, CKB is proud to offer the Harvest Right Freeze Dryers! 

With Harvest Right Freeze Dryers you have the ability to preserve fresh produce, meats, herbs, dairy, eggs and so much more. Saving time with preparation for easy meals, emergency food supplies, healthy snacks and camping meals.  

Freeze drying eliminates the water content of the food, but does not change the flavor, color or nutrition. 

Freeze dried foods will stay usable for up to 25 years. With the ability to freeze dry foods and meals at home, the cost compared to store bought items is much less expensive. 

With the selection of 3 different sizes, the ability to freeze dry different foods are endless! 

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Click on each freeze dryer picture for more information on Harvest Right's website.

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